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Marcus has always had a interest in fashion. As a young man, Marcus recalls watching music videos and reading the credits saying ''I'm going to be a celebrity wardrobe stylist.''

As a seamstress, Marcus' mother played a major role with him understanding fashion and fabrics. She would take him to the fabric stores with her. He would go through the store looking through pattern books. This time in the fabric store nurtured his desire to become a wardrobe stylist.

Today Marcus provides a classic perspective with the effortless ability to make fashion speak. He is a visionary that is not reasoning with the standards of the industry but instead raising them. Marcus has learned how to capture the essence of his clients' personal vision and incorporates his diverse edge for fashion. That translates into a memorable ensemble which brings confidence to any suitor. His experience in the industry enables him to support a range of clients and their unique styles.

Marcus Jai is where fashion is dreamed; where fashion is lived; where fashion is life.

Our Services

Special Events Styling

Special Events Styling is the service whereby we develop a look suitable for any occasion. Our goal is to capture your personality and put your brand on display at any event deemed special. Whether formal or casual, we ensure your style choices are appropriate resulting in you confidently entering any space and owning it.

Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management is the service whereby we manage your wardrobe closest once a week. The service is designed to ensure that your investment in your wardrobe is protected. A couple of the benefits include reducing disorder in your closet; weekly consultative services for day to day interactions; weekly cleaners drop off service; weekly closet organization.

Closet Organization

Closet Organization is the act of refreshing your closet to give it a more functional layout. The goal is to reduce the stress in your life by bringing ease to your daily lifestyle allowing you to easily and comfortably locates everything you need.

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping is the service whereby we shop for you. In this experience we work to build your brand as well as your personal image. The goal is to build your wardrobe with interchangeable pieces that can be worn in a number of ways.


I loved working with Marcus! Gentle and professional, he made me feel completely at ease. I had tons of options to choose from and my fitting was comfortable and fun! The looks we chose made me feel, not like someone else trying too hard, but instead, the best and most beautiful version of myself. Marcus and I are a style match made in heaven.
Angel Parker
Marcus was a God send! I called on him to do a photo shoot for me, and ended up hiring him personally for the next 8 months. His commitment to excellence, his hard work, and his faithful service always provides me with a fabulous look! You won't miss with Marcus J!
Rebecca Crews
Working with Marcus opened my mind to things I'd never thought of. What started as a photo session has grown into a partnership. A brilliant artist that really knows how to take your personal style and bring it to the next level.
Dale Godboldo
Marcus Jackson saved my life. Two days before a Celebrity Fashion Photo Shoot my stylist completely flaked out. It was too late to cancel the models, photographer and studio. I was also at risk for losing all of my money. I contacted Marcus and he jumped in to help. Honestly, I was hoping to just have enough accessories, tops and shoes for it to be acceptable. I was astonished. In only 24 hours, Marcus completely got the vibe of my shoot, found fantastic items that elevated the look of my line and models. He saved the day. I am forever grateful!
Marcus Lansden
Marcus is professional, efficient and knows how to pull a look together. He did a wonderful job coming on to a last minute project.
Vivica Fox

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Red Carpet
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