Men’s Must-Haves

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Men’s Must Haves 

This fall every man should have a few interchangeable pieces in their closet. Interchangeable pieces are garments that helps build a solid wardrobe foundation. Maintaining a classic wardrobe will benefit you in the long run. While investing in your interchangeable items always think about the quality. Better quality goes a long way. 

These items will help you through this season for any occasion. 

1. A Good black blazer tailored to fit your physique. 

2. A nice pair of loafers, loafers are a good business wear and causal wear to a lunch meeting or dinner. 

3. A nice watch is always a nice essential to any man wardrobe. A classic statement piece that brings out their personality.

4. Jewelry- accessorize your wrist with a few bracelets. Ex. This leather and hardware by Tom Ford is the perfect guide to locating your next piece. 

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