I Don’t See A Job, It’s My Calling!

I Don’t See A Job, It’s My Calling! Featured

Hello Family, Welcome back to Faith and Fashion! 

This week I want to talk about knowing when you have to take a leap of FAITH to the next level. 
I will never forget this day because it was very bittersweet moment. Back home in Birmingham, Alabama. The Sunday after my little brother, Phillip Eugene Jackson III funeral after church service with my mother and Father. I receive text from a Tai Young, a young lady that I worked with on set of a shoot with Mrs. Crews. 
I have a styling opportunity for you on Tuesday… I wasn’t planning on being back in LA until Tuesday and my first thought was don't worry about it it’s last night. And then God bring to download how this was an opportunity that I have being prayer for, and I had to figure things out. Not only did the Pastor and church say, “ It they calling on you, that mean you good!” 
I begin to call my airlines to change my flight to leave early Monday morning. 
In the airport sending pulls request and setting up appointment for once I touch down in LA, I was prepared for a whole day of showrooms pulls, shopping and ensuring that I was ready for Tuesday morning on set with Ms. Fox. Then I out shopping and Ms. Fox called me and that just blessed my soul! Very sweet person! 
Here are a few of the images from our brand shoot for Vivica Fox Collection with Poetic Justice. Be sure to check out the Fall Collection on their website at http://www.poeticjusticejeans.com