Faith & Fashion.....

Faith & Fashion..... Featured

Welcome to my new Blog, Faith and Fashion! 
I’m so excited that you decided to take this journey with me. 
The reason I named my blog, Faith and Fashion is because that’s who I am. 
As a young man, I dreamed of becoming a celebrity stylist, before I even knew what it meant to do that. I have worked with a number of celebrities, and clients. I know that I’m living a God-given dream. For me to be where I am right now is all because of his the passion and love that he has instilled in me. 
I ran to clothing in certain seasons of my life, when I was searching for the authentic version of myself. And then I realize that it wasn't about what I was wearing, it all start inwardly, and let it overflow outwardly. Fashion is not only my gift to the world, it’s my calling to transform individuals overall brand, through elevation and styling displaying them. Being raised by a single mother whom also loved fashion & design, she even made my siblings and I garments. Our many trips to the fabric store taught me a lot about having the eye for fashion and style, but mostly important, how to enhance my clients overall image to their authentic version from the inside- out! 
It’s not only about the clothes that we wear but, the complete image. Hair, Skin, and clothing and accessories! Regardless of how much money you make you have, you deserve to walk out your purpose in the authentic version of yourself!